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Master Surveillants

Intelligence and evidence gathering through covert physical surveillance is the primary means of our vast success in resolving our clients “pain” whether it was impacting them financially, emotionally, or physically.

We have over 30 years of combined surveillance experience drawn from law enforcement, corporate, and private investigations.

Our combined success in case closures has resulted in financial impacts to our clients exceeding $3M over the past three years.  We have also provided peace of mind to business owners and investors, parents, and spouses, who have put their faith and trust in our ability to get them the intelligence or evidence necessary to make informed decisions.

I have taken the Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance we learned the HARD WAY through 1,000’s of hours of covert physical surveillance and packaged them into a surveillance training program appropriately named Master Surveillant.  I did this for one reason… to help you become a Master Surveillant!

I know how frustrating it was to learn surveillance the hard way…OJT (On the Job Training).

I made a lot of mistakes along the way.  And many of them were in dangerous environments, involving dangerous persons that could have turned out a lot worse than just taking a BURN.

I invite you to join me and learn the Tradecraft Secrets to master the art of Covert Surveillance.

The secrets I reveal to members of the Master Surveillantâ„¢ Program have until now been elusive, secret, and available only to elite or special government operatives that would prefer I kept the secrets to myself.

Since retiring from an elite government surveillance team that targeted the worst-of-the-worst violent, serial, and prolific felony criminals it has been my goal to improve the quality of surevellant operatives in both the public and private sector.

I believe the Master Surveillantâ„¢ Training program is the best surveillance training available in the U.S. market!  And I stand behind my products.  If you are ever not 100 percent satisfied in our product we will refund your entire purchase price on the spot.

Anyway, I am not asking you to buy anything today.  I just want you to check us out and see if you are a fit for our training.

Surveillance Book 3rd Edition

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Surveillance Training

Specialist covert surveillance training  previously available only to government operatives in law enforcement and the military!  This program is available for investigators in the public and private sector.  The online training format provides rich media content with real life examples to prepare the surveillant for real-world surveillance!  The live field courses provide reality-based scenarios that provide the student the ultimate learning experience! Learn More

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We specialize in providing covert surveillance solutions to corporations, private individuals, law firms, and law enforcement across the United States. We partner with other surveillance specialists in some cases to gather the intelligence or evidence necessary for clients to make important decisions on personal or professional matters.