Darin D. Fredrickson, CPP is the author of several criminal justice field books including Fundamentals of Physical Surveillance, 2nd and 3rd edition. He is the managing partner of Team Guardian, LLC, a private investigation and training firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, which specializes in physical and technical surveillance solutions, and provides surveillance training for government and civilian investigators.

Darin Fredrickson retired from the Phoenix Police Department in 2012 after 20 years of service. He served with the department’s Major Offender Bureau, assigned to the Repeat Offender Program’s (ROP) Surveillance Team. He is an accomplished surveillant professional with over two decades of experience in thousands of physical and technical surveillance operations involving private, corporate, and criminal cases including homicide, drug, human and weapon trafficking, organized retail crime (ORC), burglary, theft, robbery, auto theft, and fraud.

After retiring from the Phoenix PD, Darin pursued a career in the retail industry investigating ORC. In 2009, the Arizona Retailers Association (ARA) awarded Darin the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for his dedication towards combating ORC. Darin is a board member of the Arizona Organized Retail Crime Association (AZORCA), which is comprised of law enforcement, retail investigators, and prosecutors involved in sharing information and combating ORC activity within the state of Arizona.

Darin holds two Master of Education degrees in Education from Arizona universities.

Mary L. Fredrickson is a licensed private investigator with extensive experience conducting criminal, corporate, and civil surveillance investigations.  She has been an instructor for the Master Surveillant™ training program for over ten years.

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